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for just_katarin as comfort fic


ZELENKA: Seven thousand, five hundred forty-nine.

Rodney glared at Radek. "Why did you start off with such an easy one?"

Radek snorted. "This isn't me, this is canon. And obviously they think you need to be puffed up more than you already-"

"Do you seriously want to continue that statement?" Rodney asked, dangerously.

"Lets," Radek begins, but it cut off by Elizabeth taking a seat.

"Gentleman. Behave. Otherwise, I'll have to separate you two."

"Please do, Elizabeth," John says, taking a seat next to Rodney.
McKAY (sarcastically): Oh, please. Prime. Four thousand and twenty-one.

ZELENKA: Ah, nice try! Uh, not prime. OK -- Lieutenant Ford: five hundred ninety-nine.

FORD: I don't care if it's a prime number or not.

"Am I really that whiny?" Aiden asked, shoving Rodney over a little to sit next to Radek. Radek patted his hand.

"Of course not, dear."

"Cheeky little bugger," a voice said behind them.

They all turned to look at the owner of the voice. Rodney's eyes skittered to the blonde next to Carson. "Cadman? What are you doing here? You don't even show up until next season. You're still in the Milky Way.

"Well, excuse me, Rodney, if I want to see my boy shine."

Carson turned a satisfying shade of pink and Rodney let it rest.
ZELENKA: Oh, come on. Yes or no?

FORD (clearly guessing): No.

ZELENKA (to Rodney): Ha! It's incredible! Ten for ten!

McKAY: He is terrible.

FORD: So I suck at Prime / Not Prime. Somehow I'm going to sleep tonight.

ZELENKA: At this point it's gone way beyond you not knowing your prime numbers.
"Yes," Aiden muttered. "Because they all seem to think I'm as dumb as a post. I did manage to learn something in elementary school.

"Sure you did," Rodney said smugly.

"Hey, you can keep your mouth shut or else the Major-"

"Colonel," John said grumpily.

"If you'll pardon, sir, you're only a Major in this episode."

"You can stop that sentence right where you're at, Lieutenant," Rodney said, panicked.

"Oh, and why is that, Rodney?" John sounded intrigued.

"Nothing. At all. Look," Rodney said, pointing to the screen. "We're going to miss it."
McKAY: It's a true / false game. Statistically, just by guessing, you should be getting at least half of these right. Look: nine ninety-three.

FORD (guessing): Prime.

McKAY: Oh, come on, that's an easy one! You hearing this, Hays?

HAYS (bored): Not really. Guess I've been too busy doing my job.

McKAY: We've already been through this section of Atlantis, Doctor Killjoy. It's structurally sound.

ZELENKA: Lieutenant Ford, would you mind being a subject of research paper on statistical probabilities? (He giggles.)

(Aiden, fed up and embarrassed, rounds on Zelenka.)

FORD: This is some sort of pay-back for guys like me beating up guys like you in high school, right? (He glares at Zelenka for a moment, then turns and stomps off. Zelenka stands there, startled, for a moment, then follows the others down the corridor to meet up with various other groups of personnel who have been investigating the area. At around that time, Elizabeth Weir contacts Rodney by radio from the Control Room.)
"Okay, that's it," Aiden finally ground out. "I'm not that pissy."

"Of course not d-"

Aiden's eyes narrowed. "Do you really want me to tell them about the thing you have under your bed, dear?

"Ano. Of course not. You're right, love of my life. You're not that pissy. Don't know how I could have thought it."

The sounds of Teyla's soft snickering could be heard in the background.